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Volunteering Opportunities Near You - Devika Care Company

It's been almost two years since we opened the doors to the first Devika Care Company Dementia Day Centre in Peterborough; and we can't believe how much our respite care service has grown in that time! This amazing and rapid growth just shows the increasing demand for, and importance of Dementia Support Services in Cambridgeshire. It's why we value our dementia care volunteers so much - and why we need your help!

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At Devika Care Company, we specialise in offering caregiver respite, by providing a safe environment for people's loved ones who are living with Dementia to engage, socialise and spend time in an environment where they can truly be themselves. Over the past two years our Dementia Day Services have grown from one day per week at just one location in Peterborough, to several days a week at five locations across Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire.

volunteer opportunities near me, respite care services, dementia day care centres

The importance of having quality volunteers in the care sector has never been higher. Alongside qualified Dementia care specialists, it is vital that there are patient, caring and passionate individuals who can spare even one day a month to support some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

Working in Dementia respite care is different to working to a standard care role though. Not only are we caring for people's loved ones with Dementia, we are also providing a safe space for carers and family members to discuss the needs of their loved ones and to ask for advice. Also, carers are able to spend quality time alone, sometimes for the first time in many months, or even years as we have seen with some of our attendees. Our Dementia Day Centres are exactly that - five hours of care during the day, to provide support for those living with dementia and their loved ones/carers.

So, could you volunteer with us? We're a fun and caring bunch who are passionate about helping people to understand the world of Dementia, and to make it a little easier for those living with it. No experience is necessary as all training will be provided. What we need are people who have empathy, patience, who have the ability to actively listen, are resourceful, respectful and resilient.

If you are looking for a new volunteer opportunity and believe you possess the above skills and qualities, you're ready to start making a positive impact as a Volunteer Day Centre Assistant for people living with Dementia! Contact Caroline today to discuss his opportunity further, or check out our volunteer page for more information about our Dementia Support Services.


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