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Caroline Ignatius - Founder


My vision, is to create a specialist Dementia Nursing Home in Peterborough, which will be unique in it’s values, the way it operates, the facilities it offers and the way it treats & protects both residents and it’s staff.

My mum Devika is the inspiration behind what I am trying to achieve and her 12 year journey with Dementia has taught me so much.

It’s come from many years of frustration with the care system and the way that some organisations are run. It’s time to put all of my skills, experiences and energy into improving the lives of people living with Dementia, just like my beautiful mum.


They deserve so much better and no matter how long this takes, I will make it happen. I truly believe I can play a part in real change.

Dementia Day Centres

We have identified a need for a day centre services, designed for people living with Dementia that may require personal care and/or behavioural assistance now or in the near future. 
Day centres make an important contribution to community awareness by acting as a preventative measure for problems caused by lack of social contact and stimuli. When set up correctly, they allow older people to continue to lead an independent life by creating opportunities for choice, control, independence through various activities that encourage self-esteem and self-fulfilment.
We aim to help people with Dementia stay living happily at home, for as long as possible and we plan to do this by providing - 


  • A safe, friendly & understanding environment

  • Physical activities to suit personal capabilities

  • Mentally stimulating and purposeful activities

  • Sensory therapy

  • Cognitive stimulation therapy

  • Musical sessions

  • Lunch and refreshments

Devika Care Company - Future Project

Devika Care Company was born in August 2021 and was created with the long term goal of building a purpose built nursing home in Peterborough, for people living with Dementia. This home will be centered around our core values, integrity, transparency and affordability.


This home will have a business model like no other, as the various income streams created within the home will reduce the current high costs to it's residents. We are passionate about truly person cantered care, carers receiving the correct remuneration and hours for their important roles, transparency for loved ones and an environments that are designed with the residents in mind.

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