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Show Mum Love in her care home on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate and show appreciation for the mothers and mother figures in our lives. However, for those caring for a mother with dementia, it can sometimes be hard to find ways to express your love or to create special moments.

At Devika Care Company in Peterborough, our staff and volunteers truly understand Dementia. It is a progressive neurological condition that affects memory, thinking, and behavior. As the condition progresses, it becomes more difficult for individuals to engage in certain activities and communicate effectively. This can make it especially challenging to celebrate special occasions like Mother's Day.

However, with a little patience and understanding, you can ensure that your Mum feels loved and cherished on Mother's Day, despite the limitations imposed by dementia. By acknowledging and celebrating this day, you could help to create a sense of normalcy and connection for your loved one. Even if your Mum may not remember the specific details of the day, the act of celebrating together can still bring joy and happiness to her.

When planning a Mother's Day celebration in a dementia care setting, it's important to think about her individual preferences and abilities. Here are some ideas to make Mother's Day a bit special:

  • Create a memory box: Fill a box with things that have special meaning to your Mum. These could be photographs, letters, or small trinkets that remind her of happy moments in her life. Going through the memory box together can evoke powerful emotions and help spark conversations about cherished memories.

  • Get crafty: Involve family members in creating personalised crafts or gifts for your Mum. Each family member can contribute a small item or artwork that holds sentimental value. These can be displayed during the celebration and serve as a visual reminder of the love and support surrounding your Mum.

  • Music therapy: Play your Mum's favorite songs or music that she associates with happy memories. Music has the ability to reach deep within, unlocking emotions and helping those living with dementia to feel a sense of connection.

  • Gentle touch and massage: Offer your Mum a gentle hand or foot massage. Touch can be a powerful way to communicate love and care, even when words may fail.

Choose activities that your Mum enjoys and can participate in comfortably. From looking through old photo albums, to doing simple crafts or puzzles together, these activities can help create a sense of connection and love.

When celebrating Mother's Day in a dementia care setting, it's important to create an environment that is safe and comfortable for your Mum.

Minimize distractions and choose a quiet and calm space for your activities. Reducing noise and visual distractions can help to ensure Mum doesn't feel overwhelmed or confused.

It's also a good idea to stick to your Mum's usual daily routine as much as possible. Changes in routine can be disorienting for individuals with dementia, so try to keep the day structured and familiar.

Remember, each person with dementia is unique, so it's important to tailor the celebrations to your Mum's preferences and abilities. Be patient, be present, and above all, show her love and appreciation on this special day.


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