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Free Activities for you and your loved one to enjoy this Winter

While there is currently no cure for dementia, engaging in certain activities can help to slow down its progression and improve the overall well-being of individuals living with Dementia.

At Devika Care Company, one of the activities we're looking forward to participating in with our day residents is the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch Weekend - the worlds largest garden wildlife survey!

Taking place on 28th - 29th January 2024, the point of the survey is to help build a better picture of how well garden birds int he UK are doing. It's also a lovely activity to get the whole family involved in, even for those living with Dementia.

The great thing about taking part in this survey, is that just by walking around in the garden and doing a 'quiz' type activity, you'll be combining both physical and cognitive exercises with your loved one.

Gentle physical exercises such as walking or even stretching can have positive effects on the overall health and cognitive abilities of a person living with Dementia.

Cognitive exercises help to stimulate the mind, which in turn can help maintain cognitive function and delay decline. It improves circulation, reduces the risk of other health conditions, and helps to promote a sense of well-being.

If you're unable to venture outside for any reason you could still take part from the window, or why not consider some indoor activities? You could make a scrap book or photo album together, play with playdough which is a good sensory activitiy, or try a simple puzzle - and stay cozy and warm at the same time.

Always remember to adhere to the Countryside Code when you're enjoying your outdoor adventures this Winter - Respect, Protect, Enjoy!


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