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Caring for your loved one with Dementia through Christmas

For some, Christmas is a time for celebration, surrounded by family, friends and sometimes even neighbours. But with all of the noise and chaos this can sometimes bring, how can we create a suitable environment for someone living with Dementia?

At Devika Dementia Day Care our team have expertise in helping not just those living with dementia, but also helping their loved ones and carers to understand the condition and enable them to better care for their loved ones and make life ever so slightly easier.

Help those living with Dementia at Christmas - Devika Care Company - specialist Dementia care in Cambridgeshire

What can I do to help my loved one at home?

When you're planning Christmas activities for loved ones with Dementia, it's important to consider their abilities, interests, and what stage their dementia is at. Below are just a few examples of activities that could be adapted to suit the needs of Dementia sufferers:

  • Storytelling circles

  • Listening to familiar music

  • Board games adapted to suit the abilities of the participants

  • Looking through old photographs

  • Manicure & hand massage

  • Christmas themed colouring

  • Gentle movement to music

  • Stroking and cuddling pets

  • Christmas puzzle

  • Sensory play - offer tactile objects like soft fabrics or textured materials to touch maybe their Christmas Stocking or some scented items for smelling

  • Reassurance - offering reassurance often can have a calming effect, such as stroking an arm, holding their hand and telling them how much they are loved.

All of these activities will help to promote inclusion, interaction, stimulate cognitive function and ultimately be enjoyable for them. Additionally, try to provide a calm and supportive environment, with calming scents such as Lavender, citrus, or mint to reduce anxiety.

How can I prepare myself and my family for this?

Help those living with Dementia at Christmas - Devika Care Company - specialist Dementia care in Cambridgeshire

As well as trying out the above activities for your loved ones which the whole family can partake in, it is worth considering preparing family and other guests in advance of their arrival. This will help prevent any shocked or maybe distressed reactions, as the person living with Dementia may sense these strong emotions and become distressed themselves. Preparing your loved ones for any loud noises such as loud crackers will also help.

If you'd like more information about dementia you can visit our resources page or contact us if you have any questions or queries.


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