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Devika Care Company - Help for people living with Dementia in your community

Devika Care Company has recognised the need for day centre services tailored to individuals living with dementia who may require personal care or behavioural support now or in the near future.

Our goal is to help people with dementia stay in their homes longer while supporting their carers' wellbeing. We offer an affordable five-hour day care service, offering respite for carers and family members which includes lunch, snacks, drinks, and personalised activities.

Day centres play a crucial role in community awareness, preventing issues caused by isolation and lack of stimulation. When properly organised, they enable older people to maintain independence by offering choices, control, and activities that boost self-esteem and fulfilment.

We have grown exponentially in the past 12 months meaning we depend more than ever on caring, enthusiastic volunteers from diverse backgrounds to maintain this vital service across East Anglia, providing help for carers and people with dementia.

Join us as a volunteer and support our mission to deliver specialist dementia care services for those living with dementia in the community. We aim to help people with dementia live happily at home for as long as possible by providing:

  • A safe, friendly, and understanding environment

  • Physical activities suited to individual abilities

  • Mentally stimulating and purposeful tasks

  • Sensory therapy

  • Cognitive stimulation therapy

  • Musical sessions

  • Lunch and refreshments

Our service acts as help for carers of dementia patients, offering respite and support. While we're not specialist dementia care homes, we provide expert day care services. For those seeking help for dementia carers or help for carers UK, we offer a valuable resource in your local community.

Get in touch with us today if you need more information on our day care centres, or if you would like to volunteer with us!


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